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Our Story

“ Time Is Money They Say! And How You Choose To Spend It Determines The Quality Of Your Life. Autoflege Helps You Spend That Precious Time Of Yours, Productively.”

We know you love your car! Right from the day it was brought home it was like a member of your family. Those endless memories from nowhere to everywhere! Your laughter and tears, maybe some fights and that crazy car music, your car has seen it all. What it demands in return is just some care.

Now pamper your car with all the care it needs via Autoflege website and App. Book a slot according to your convenience, near your locality and save on a lot of your precious time.

About Us

Autoflege is a leading company in the business of car servicing and complete vehicle care. We deeply understand the value of your vehicle and precisely know how to take care of it.

Autoflege was established in 2018 with the idea of providing complete car care services to the people who value time and wish to spend it productively. Sangeeta living in Delhi thought of establishing Autoflege to cut down on the time spent and added frustration due to the overcrowded service centres.

It is the only enterprise in India that has launched its unique approach towards vehicle care with the help of latest technology and ease.

Autoflege gives you a platform to book your car servicing slots from the comfort of your home via our mobile app or website and save on your time. This platform also gives you the choice to rate the services and raise complaints.

Our Mission & Work Process

Professional & Dedicated Team


Autoflege came into being because of the fact that people are losing out on their time. Keeping the vehicle in action for the entire week requires a good servicing on weekends. But, the amount of time spent on such activities was so much that a person isn’t able give time for the family leading to frustrations amongst the family members.

The main pillars behind Autoflege are a Delhi based woman who envisioned this idea of saving time and also getting chores done.


To provide a platform that ensures hassle free Car beautification services of impeccable quality where customers would have the power of choosing What, When and by Whom.


To be known as the platform that provides best Car beautification services that has disruptively transformed an unorganized sector into an organized one and contributed to the growth of the nation.


In today's world of cut-throat competition where everyone is running after success and accolades one doesn't have enough quality time to spend with family and friends. The urge of saving some time that could be used to create moments and memories that would be cherished forever, compelled me to think out of the box.

I have been a Microbiologist by profession, and having donned the hats of a responsible wife and a loving mother successfully for years decided to pursue and excel at entrepreneurship as well. I have seen my husband standing in long queues waiting for his turn at the Car washing centers. It has always pinched me to see our precious time of a weekend getting wasted on the roads and at the service station. So it got me thinking if we could develop a platform that would not only provide the best services but would also result in saving that invaluable time that could be spent at home with the family. That's how the idea of Autoflege came into existence.

Sangeeta Parmar, Founder, Autoflege


I am B-Tech, Mechanical and MBA, Marketing by qualification and have a vast experience in the automotive sector where I have dealt with engineering and after sale services of the vehicles. So when this idea of Autoflege was coined to me I got excited and commended Sangeeta for her thought. Although her objective behind this idea was to save a bit of time, I could envision it as a disruptive prospect and immediately took it into consideration. To gauge the potential of the idea we followed extensive research and studied the feasibility of the project. I realized that this is an untapped and unorganized market. If we could devise a platform where a person could book the service of his choice, the time according to his convenience and the vendor of his choice it would save him a lot of time and the agony of finding the good quality service would also be reduced. I also believe in the sustainable development of the country and the judicious use of the resources. So, Autoflege would not only provide a seamless Car beautification service booking platform to the customers but would also help in connecting all the service providers and organize this sector thus contributing to the progress of the country.

R.P. Singh, Co-founder, Autoflege