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Normal car washing & cleaning cannot protect or enhance your car’s outer body in an effective way unless you are protecting its outer surfaces. Get the best rubbing and polishing service for your Car by our associated experts which would result in reducing scratches, reviving paintwork, restoring fading, removing road contamination and paint correction.

Polishing your automobile will help to extend the life and beauty of the paint and exterior. Polishing is the often forgotten step between washing and waxing, but when done properly, it completely revitalizes the car's exterior finish. A thorough car polishing will remove firmly bonded surface contaminants and subsurface paint defects, and will prepare the surface gloss for wax application. Successfully polishing your car may require a polishing wheel but it is possible to complete the polishing by hand.

There are many benefits of getting Polishing and Rubbing done on the Car. These include:

1.) Removing fine or heavy scratches or defects.
2.) Decontamination of the paintwork that a bucket and sponge can’t remove.
3.) Paint correction.
4.) Restoration of paint fading.
5.) Adding gloss and shine to the paintwork.
6.) Colour depth enhancement and colour rejuvenation.

Fading is very prominent in our harsh, hot climate. Road contamination, Road tar, dirt, grease and other grit embeds into the paint when we drive around. Microscopic metal dust from railway lines and construction sites are also a common issue. If left untreated this will rust on the paintwork and can lead to serious corrosion. Nature, Bird droppings, suicidal bugs (or whole families of bugs) seem to make their deadly end all over your paintwork. Fast. The water evaporates from your car leaving the mineral deposits behind which can “etch” into the paint. It is highly recommended to have your car paint protected to avoid any lasting damage.

All these things layer onto your paint. If you wash your car regularly (like once every 2-3 weeks) then most of this can be removed. But not all of it can be removed with a bucket and sponge and over time it builds up on the paint. If you wash your car and then run the back of your hand over the paintwork you can feel that build up. It will feel ever so slightly rough. Even a brand new car will have contaminants from the factory, the shipping and from the environment of the storage facility. It’s much like plaque on your teeth. Even though you brush your teeth twice a day they still need to be professionally cleaned to remove stubborn build up.

Therefore, in conclusion, the benefits of polishing your car are many and varied depending on what your car needs. Such as reducing scratches, reviving paintwork, restore fading, removing road contamination, paint correction and your annual paint protection maintenance. Those who are in the habit of maintaining their cars cannot afford to have scratches in their cars and any other sort of imperfections. Polishing is recommended to remove scratches and other types of oxidized coatings for automotive paint finish. Rubbing done on the car is abrasive enough for removing the damaged layer of paint so that the original color is revealed.

So, look for car rubbing polishing near me and Autoflege will take you to the center that does the best Car Rubbing and Polishing.

A:- (1.) Before I explain scratch, first you have to understand how automotive paint works. A vehicle has three levels of paint on top of the bare metal, primer, then the base color, then the clear coat, which is the thickest layer of the three. A small or shallow scratch is deemed as one that doesn't break through the clear coat and into the paint, whereas a large or deep scratch impacts the paint, the primer or the bare metal. The further down the scratch, the harder it is to repair.

(2.) Small scratches can usually be rubbed out with polishing compound. The rule of thumb is that if your fingernail doesn't catch on the scratch, it's just a superficial clear coat scratch that can be smoothed out and made invisible. Where rubbing help in healing of deep scratches till most extent.

It is a substance that has an abrasive quality and used for correcting paint scratches by buffing or polishing process. It acts like liquid sandpaper that removes a microscopic layer of damage paint. This cure paint scratches and uneven surfaces, make the vehicle outer painted body glistening.

Cost of rubbing and polishing depend on raw products used by vendor, location of service provider, expertise of manpower…… Autoflege offer you wide range of service providers, where you can compare service provider on basis of customer rating, prices and distance from your location.

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