Booking procedure for services - Autoflege

Booking Procedure

Keeping user point of view registration process is kept very simple and it is onetime activity. Where vehicle number, user name and mobile number are compulsory.
Below are some guide lines for users to know all benefits and way to use Autoflege website or android application.

To take maximum benefit of our services (car wash and other) create an account on our website and login through that mobile number and password.
To create account user name and mobile number will be compulsory.
After data submission first password will receive on user registered mobile number.
Using this password user will complete registration process. Now user can change its password if desired.

Select city where one wanted to get car wash/ other related services or put your mobile location ON for autodetection of your location and you can find car wash service centre nearby you (Autodetection is applicable if you have downloaded our android application in your mobile).
Now select Model name /car name/company name of your vehicle from list, which you want to get wash or other service.
Now after clicking find option user will find one or more car wash service option nearby. Now you can choose service centre based on distance from your location or price of car wash plus other desired services or rating of service centre or other facilities.
Now customer can selectservices i.e. car wash, dry clean, antirust, rubbing and polishing, anti-scratch coating, wheel balancing …….
All selected option of services will add in user cart, after login into your account select date and time of service you desire. “Select date and time as per your convenience, so that you can reach on time for your service” Now to complete your booking pay online. Your booking will be confirmed after payment and user will get token number for car wash and other service via SMS/ mail.
Now visit service centre you choose on same date and time, which you booked for service and tell your token number at service centre before start of service.
Remark: Do not disclose your token number before your time of service to anyone.

Each service will add 1 point in user account and each point will be equal to 2% amount paid by user for car wash/other service.
If you will refer to other (new car no.) some amount will be added to your account (one time) for that new car. Referral reward amount can vary time to time. Referral amount which will be applicable for that particular day will be added in user account.

These rewards points will be automatically adjusted during booking of your next service from your account.
One can earn 100 INR max. rewardsand if not used, above 100 INR reward amount will be vanished.
80% of earn value or 50 INR, which ever will be lesser can be used at one time.
Reward point policy can be change time to time as per company management direction.

We have facility of rescheduling order one time through our web application/android app from user’s login account.
This facility can be availed 12 hours before of your car washing/ other service booked time.
New date and time of car wash and other service is subjected to empty schedule which will be reflected on portal during rescheduling order.
Within 12 hours of booking time, order would be cancelled with some cancelation charge only.

User can postpone its order one time free of cost as per service rescheduling policy. Else cancelation charge will be applied.
Cancelation charge will be 5% of service amount or 50 INR which ever will be lesser.
After deduction of cancelation charge remaining amount will be refund to user in his/her account as per payment service availability.