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A Car Body is made up of several Metals with cast Iron and advanced high strength Steel makes up almost 65% of Car Body Weight. Other Metals used Aluminium, Copper are then Predominant in Manufacturing Car. Rusting is layman language is Corrosion and Corrosion is what the direct reaction of Iron and its Alloys when comes in contact of Water or Air Moisture. So, essentially to make it simple - Any Iron material when exposed to both oxygen and water is bound to rust - unless a preventive coating is applied on to it.

Car underbody coating is applied during the manufacturing or at your local car dealer center, as you must have understood while reading up till here that it is applied as a protective layer for the undercarriage. The coating is the formulation of spray that is applied to the chassis protecting it from rusting. Now the question arises if anti rust coating is required to a new Car?

Applying undercoat, as soon as you get your new car, is the best way to keep the chassis intact. This covers the undersurface saving it from road grime and other stuff. A car’s underbody is most prone to corrosion. Underbody coating provides long term protection from corrosion to car’s underbody. It also protects parts like internal body panels, frame rails and other inner cavities that are not physically accessible but are prone to corrosion. It also minimizes sound from underneath the vehicle and insulates against the heat and cold. The Underbody Treatment protects the car underbody from rust, increasing the longevity of the car and thus enhancing its resale value.

Instead of saying whether Useful, should we answer that - additional Anti Rust Coating does no harm in New Car. Car is made up of Top Notch Precision and the fact that Car Manufacturer - already uses in Galvanized Material with Rust Resistant Alloys and Enough Preventive Coatings. But for Coastal areas or areas with heavy rainfall-due to higher than normal moisture, areas with higher than expected rainfall, Sea Water proximity - The presence of salt acts as a catalyst, accelerating the corrosion chemical reaction process. So anti rust coating benefits Car.

Autoflege is the best service center in Pune that offers car antirust Underbody coating. We offer you a wide range of car care service centers near your locality where you can compare these places by price, quality of service, and various other features. The vast experience and the expertise of the best technicians in town separate us from the rest. Autoflege offers the car underbody coating prices that are competitive and value to money.

A: In monsoon season moisture content always been higher in air than other seasons, antirust coating prevent moisture contact with under body metal part of vehicle and enhance life of car under body. In common language, antirust coating prevents our vehicle from corrosion, Corrosion is what the direct reaction of Iron and its Alloys when comes in contact of Water or Air Moisture.

A: If you are driving car on clean road and keep it’s underbody clean (take underbody wash frequently, at least once in a month) there is no need of antirust costing to new car for 1 year.
If you are frequently travelling in dusty or mud are then it is highly recommendable to have antirust coating within 6 month after buying new car.

A: Underbody of car is main part on which all structure of a car is based. It is very important to take care of the underbody of any vehicle. Antirust coating will enhance the life of car under body and ultimately the life of the car. It’s really worth it to take care of the underbody part of your vehicle.

A: Autoflege gives you the option to choose the best service center around you on the basis of rating given by thousands of customers and you can compare prices also to save your money. At Last someone will be there to listen to your complaints if you are not satisfied by work.

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