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Voice of Sales Director

The sound of a machine always attracted me, its movement always fascinated me, and its functioning always intrigued me. After school whilst my friends were confused as to what profession should they opt for it was quite clear in my mind that I had to go for something that involves studying mechanisms, principles, and the art of machines. So I chose Mechanical Engineering. I used to get so enamored by the working system and the effort that goes into finding ways to make it more useful by enhancing its efficiency and productivity. During my 4 years of graduation, my interest in machines became very specific and I found my new love in the Auto Sector. After graduation, I decided that I want to be an entrepreneur and would dedicate all my energies to the pursuit of that dream. So after 2 years of experience, I decided to go for MBA and learn the intricacies of business and then amalgamate my passion and love for vehicles with the skills learned during my stint at the B-school. Those were very enriching and enlightening two years. At the end of my MBA, I had the option of straight away entering into business mode and starting my own venture or joining a company and honing my skills further and gaining some practical industrial experience before donning the hat of an entrepreneur. So I chose the latter and I joined a company in the auto sector and kick-started the second phase of life. During my stint at the company, I learned the practical aspect of the business and also gradually realized the problems people face while getting services for their vehicles. It is a cumbersome task; one has to take a lot of pain to find a well trusted vendor.

I am very concerned and possessive when it comes to my vehicle and take its servicing etc. with immense seriousness and there are people out there who are auto lovers for whom Car is not just a machine that hauls them from one place to another but it has an emotional value in their lives that brings back memories and nostalgia. So I decided to tap into this aspect and create a platform that would enable people to get the best Car washing and other Car beautification services of impeccable quality at a reasonable price and make the whole process more convenient, seamless and trusted. So I laid the foundation of my dream and named it Autoflege. After having done extensive research and nurturing the project for almost 3 years the time had come when we felt ready to go on the floor. The application was launched in March 2021 when the world was crippled by the pandemic and the movement of people had been confined and the practice of social distancing was being followed we provided a platform where people could book the service they need by choosing the vendor they like and also decide the time slot according to their convenience. In this way, they wouldn't have to wander on street searching for the vendor and stand in long queues to wait for their turn. Thus it would save them a lot of time and make the cumbersome task hassle-free.

Being an entrepreneur and a proud citizen of this country it is my duty to contribute to its growth. So through my venture, I endeavor to transform an unorganized sector into an organized one which would generate revenues and add to the economic progress of the nation. Now we have with us over 300 vendors and the number is growing day by day. We wish to spread our wings to more cities and make our presence in every city of the country.