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It was a lazy Saturday afternoon, and after having worked relentlessly hard for a week I wanted it to be cozy and comfortable. I was surfing through my phone following a ritual that I do before my bed that could engulf me and take me to the most desired adventure known as sleep. I knew that I had a lot of personal stuff to do this weekend but my heart seemed to be winning the fight over my mind. But my eyes suddenly lit up when I came across a platform that offers a Car wash and other Car beautification services. I became inquisitive and decided to open it. It was The platform offered car care services such as Car wash, Polishing, Anti-rust coating, dry cleaning, etc. It also had a list of the vendors providing those services along with their price structure. Not only that, but it also had a rating system where the vendors or service providers were rated by the customers thus offering unbiased insight and feedback about the quality of service. I found it fascinating that now I could compare the service providers on the basis of their price and the quality of service and decide myself before choosing among them. Obviously, the time-saving aspect also couldn't be denied. Everything seemed alluring so I decided to give it a shot. Also getting my Car washed was on my to-do list for the weekend anyways.

I logged on to the website. The application was easy to use. There were many vendors available on the website and I chose the one nearest to me. Its price also seemed to be reasonable and the feedback was positive so I booked myself a slot for the next day. I went to the car wash center the next day and showed them my booking details. Unlike in the past, I didn't have to stand in a long queue to wait for my return. The whole process was rather as seamless as the process of booking the slot on the website. It was heartening to see someone creating a platform offering car-related services, especially for a possessive Car lover like me, it came as a boon. People like me for whom a car is not just a machine but is more than that. The car signifies memories, it contains emotions, and it brings out nostalgia. It is life on wheels for me which is why I am very particular about its service and other requirements and here is the platform that offered its complete care. Also in such unprecedented times when the whole world is facing this pandemic and stepping out of the house has become risky such services make life easier for us. We do not have to wander unnecessarily now as we have the luxury of choosing the date and time of our choice. Also, the quality of service was impeccable. So I got what I wanted within a reasonable cost and saved a lot of time also so the experience on the whole was satisfying.

I would recommend this platform to my friends and family. And in this way, I had at least sorted one thing out of my dozen pending tasks for that weekend.