Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes Car Owner Do

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Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes Car Owner Do

Washing your car 

Cars are an integral part of our lives nowadays and the main means to commute. It represents our status and the kind of personality we have. So we must take care of our vehicle and ensure that it remains clean and in good shape. it is good to groom our vehicle to be more presentable to the outside world. it is important to clean the car interior on a regular basis along with the exterior surface. Washing your car thoroughly at washing centers not only maintains the look of your car but also removes mud, dirt, rain, and even salt sprinkled on icy roads, which can attach themselves to the surface of your car as you drive.

Autoflege expert's partner will be able to get your car far cleaner than you would be able to do yourself.

Top 10 Car Cleaning Mistakes Car Owners Do.

  1.      Always take your car for washing at a washing center that has the facility to clean your car’s underbody. It is a must-wash underbody mud, and dust. Which may rust your car’s underbody part if not removed timely. 
  2.    Washing a car in direct sun is advisable if one chooses the right process. We need to work quickly and choose the right products along with the latest equipment, otherwise washing in the shade is the more ideal situation. 
  3.  Kitchen shop use to remove oil and other stains from utensils,  if we will scrub our car with kitchen soap, it starts damaging the wax that protects our car's clear coat. Car wax contains oily substances which have similar properties to butter. So over a period of time, it damages the wax coating. So it is advisable to use the right product for a car wash or go to a professional car washing center once a month at least. 
  4.    It is equally important to wash your car's underbody along with the outer body, Normally we don’t have the equipment to wash our car underbody, So it is advisable to visit a car washing center to keep your car’s underbody clean. It will increase the life of your car’s underbody.
  5.   It is advisable to move your sponge in straight lines rather than in a swirl motion. the circular motion may cause any sand particle to leave micro swirls on the surface of the pain which you may pick unknowingly.
  6.  At the car washing center with help of high-pressure washing machines, professionals clean your car with very less water. So instant to wash your car under tap it is advisable to visit washing center.
  7.  It is always advisable to use more than two towels while cleaning your car. One for the interior another to clean your exterior and one clean towel for the final wipe, so that the water stain can be removed.  
  8.  Too much wax is not good for your car, as it deposits and builds up over a period of time and does clouding on the car.
  9.  The car is a second home for us, most of the time we like to eat inside our car and the seats got dirty. A professional always considers these factors when you take your car for a monthly wash. Interior cleaning of your car makes its ambiance good.
  10.  Always choose the right products to clean your car's Windshield And Windows, it will increase visibility on road. The wrong product and way of cleaning may increase scratches on windshields and windows.

Five reasons to visit the car washing center regularly.

  • A professional car washer knows how to protect the Paint of your Car.

  • Car Washes Improve the interior and exterior look of your car, which ultimately enhances your personality.

  • Personal Pride and Well-Being will always improve if you will keep your car clean.

  • The good condition of your car will maintain the Resale Value of your car.

  • It is Quick and Easy, which saves you a lot of time.

Can I wash my car at home?

Yes, of course, one can wash his/ her car at home, there is enough stuff on You-Tube, watch it and wash your car carefully with the right products.

But self-cleaning is always time-consuming and costlier, So if you have a busy schedule it will be good if you can visit a nearby washing center by using the Autoflege website.

It will save you time which you can spend with your family or on another important task.

7 Things People Do Wrong When Washing Their Car

  1. Use a sponge in the wrong motion

  2. Only use one bucket to wash the car and clean the tyres before the upper body and interior cleaning.

  3. Use detergent or utensils liquid instead of car shampoo.

  4. Not to protect the car using wax.

  5. Washing the car in direct sunlight.

  6. Not cleaning under the body of your car.

  7. Not to clean your car interior regularly.