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Car Rubbing and Polishing in Pune 

Autoflege offers the best car rubbing and polishing in Pune at the lowest price. Car Rubbing and Polishing in Pune, car wash in Pune, car washing in Pune, best car washing, a best car cleaning company in Pune, online car washing, best rubbing, and polishing company in Pune.

Looking for Car Rubbing and Polishing in Pune?

Autoflege offers the best car rubbing and polishing in Pune at the most affordable price. You can book your slot for car rubbing and polishing and save time. The scratches that appear on cars can be eliminated by car polish and car rubbing services by professionals. Paint spots on cars can be restored by having your vehicle rubbed using an excellent rubbing compound. Autoflege's auto service centers utilize the rubbing compound 3M only.

The regular cleaning services provided are as follows:

  • Complete exterior wash with the help of a shampoo

  • Cleaning of the glasses and windshield

  • Wheel cleaning and plate polishing

  • Bumper and underbody cleaning

  • Engine cleaning and protective coating

  • Specialized underbody cleaning

  • Dirt removal from the air conditioner vent

  • Dashboard Rubbing And Polishing 

  • Aroma treatment 

  • Focused cleaning and Polishing on hinges and side doors

  • Comprehensive interior and exterior vacuuming and seat dust removal

  • Cleaning headlights and indicators

  • Wax polishing for the exterior body

What is the duration of the rubbing and Polishing process?

The length of the process of car rubbing polishing will vary with car wash and car waxing and depends on the services for rubbing polishing offered by customers. A standard car rubbing polishing should not be more than an hour, while a complete car wash can take anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. The length of additional cleaning services is typically based on the needs of the customer.

Which is the price of a common polishing of cars for Pune?

The cost of common rubbing polishing packages provided by service providers provided across Pune are as follows:


Vehicle Type

Rubbing Polishing on Interior

Complete Interior and  Exterior

Advanced Rubbing Polishing Services


Rs. 700




Rs. 800




Rs. 5000